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This program develops the core and soul of who we are and why we should take care of ourselves as best as possible. The younger we learn this positive body, mind, spirit concept in relationship to food the better. I am now less stressed about the "weight" issue and more conscious of the wellness and gratitude in feeding myself to move. Thanks so much, lovely lady!

-- BT , Participant

CanDo was immensely grateful for Liz's thoughtful and inspiring presentation. Comments from the meeting participants were very positive. I am glad she is remaining in the wellness field after working at the County. Clearly, she has much to offer.

-- Bobbie Kay, CanDo

Great presentation! Your points were right on target with what I've always believed about wellness. And it's important to know such things when sitting at a desk all day.

-- Amy Holmquist, Poudre Valley REA

As a result of participating in this program, I am more consistent with exercise and being able to leave things on my plate.

-- Carla Timm, Participant

Like a ringside coach she blends encouragement with education and accountability to implement positive changes. I truly enjoyed working with Liz and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

-- Nick Hanson, Larimer County

I now have a whole new basket of tools to help me with my views on food and body image!

-- Samantha Roon, Participant

It was a pleasure to work with Liz. I would recommend utilizing her Wellness Coaching skills and resources!

-- William Conklin, Coaching Client

Thanks for the many years of hard work that you've put into the Larimer County Wellness Program! It's a great success!

-- Deb Marsden, Larimer County

This program met my expectations... and then some! It gave me a new perspective... I always thought I had a healthy approach, but this was an eye opener. It was the subtle things that you wrote/said that I will use a lot. In fact, I am saving my advice pieces and thoughts to look at and encourage me. I loved your handouts and will never throw them away.

-- JW , Participant

I really enjoyed the approach you used in the wellness coaching program... particularly that this wasn't a diet but a way of life, problem solving, solutions etc.

-- LG , Participant

Thanks to your program, I have given myself permission to stop obsessing about food.

-- MH , Participant

The benefits of wellness coaching cannot be overstated, and the success rate of Liz's clients is off-the-charts! She is truly passionate about wellness as a lifestyle, and this enthusiasm is reflected in her clientele, who start to embrace change as a lifestyle, rather than a fad. I encourage every person seeking motivation to change his or her approach to wellness to consider working with a coach. I have seen the benefits in my patients first-hand: lower BMIs, better diabetes control, increased energy, and the confidence that comes with taking charge of your own health!

-- Kathryn Lovoi, MMS, PA-C, Clinical Director

As a fellow wellness coach, I believe that Liz's concept of a 7 step approach to "mind. set. goal." is spot on! In working with clients that are overwhelmed by life and thinking or perceiving that an improved lifestyle is out of reach, this approach helps change the thought process and directs them towards achieving success. great health and a great lifestyle are within reach! I'd recommend this approach to individuals and organizations who want a better quality of life for themselves.

-- Staci Datteri-Frey, MPH, Employee Health & Productivity Specialist for Weld County Gov.

Liz is the ultimate professional who truly cares about the people she works with and the impact of this work on others - with the ultimate goal to make health the easy choice. If you want to make a difference in your organization and create a healthy workplace for all, Liz is the right person for you. She will help you transform your workplace by providing expert advice, assessments and easy, actionable next steps.

-- Julie George, Director of LiveWell Colorado's HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign

I am so appreciative of Liz and her helpful guidance in implementing a Wellness Program for the Town of Bennett. It was so easy to implement using her instructive tools, i.e. employee health survey, wellness program charter, wellness guide & operating plan to coordinate events, and a campaign. All of these easy options helped me with what I thought would be an intimidating process, but utilizing them made it very simple.

-- Corren Lind, Administrative Services Assistant, Town of Bennett, Colorado

Great Product, Excellent Service, and Real Expertise. Liz's Mind.Set.Goal! program offers a unique collaboration between clinicians, patients, and employers that serves the individual, yet can reach a large employee base... making it a great fit for onsite clinics. Not only does it seem applicable to a wide variety of people, but it is also simple, easy, and applicable to anyone invested in improving their health. Overall, Liz brings health to life and provides a positive, proactive way of approaching behavior change. I was impressed with the level of service she provided... she is an active listener and truly identifies our culture's needs. Liz is truly passionate, well educated, and professional. She is a pleasure to work with and truly has the best interest of the patient in mind. I would highly recommend her Well Simplified business, services, and products!

-- Amanda Lalonde, Wellness Coordinator for the City of Greeley, Colorado

Liz brought creativity and professionalism to our Employee Wellness Program at Larimer County. No wellness program can be effective if the employees don't participate. Liz made the program fun and inspired employees to jump in and participate. She was a real asset and a joy to work with.

-- Frank Lancaster, Larimer County Manager from 1994-2012

Liz is an outstanding wellness professional, motivational speaker, facilitator, and inspiring wellness coach, who is dedicated to transforming and improving the health of individuals, families, worksites, and communities, at all levels.

-- Sarah Morales, MS, RD, Wellness Benefits Coordinator for Larimer County, Colorado

I love the approach liz has taken with mind.set.goal! it’s not lecture-y or “should”-based. as a result of participating in this program, i am eating more veggies and exercising more consistently.

-- Patsi , Mind.Set.Goal! Participant

Liz's point of view about wellness is truly simple and non-judgmental. She's committed to helping each client improve their personal perspective about their own well-being in a way that is meaningful to them. For Liz, leading a healthy lifestyle should be something that is a natural extension of the individual, not a project to take on. Because of her unique skills and abilities, our organization's culture around being well has moved forward in leaps and bounds. Working with Liz is a wonderful and beneficial experience that is truly life-changing!

-- Lorenda Volker, Assistant County Manager for Larimer County, Colorado

Since participating in this program, I am not worrying about food, meals, and triggers as much. I am better at letting go of guilt and forgiving myself. I am a confident person, but now I seem to like myself more, too. People have noticed changes in me (i.e. losing weight, happier, etc.) and have asked me what I am doing... and I tell them, "Mind.Set.Goal!"

-- Christina Ulrich, Mind.Set.Goal! Participant

Before beginning the program, I didn't expect to change my black and white thinking as much as I have. I love the perspective that health is about doing things that make you feel good rather than a whole bunch of rules to be followed just because that's what the experts say you should do. I am definitely less focused on weight now than I was a couple of months ago. I think by following an intuitive program like Mind.Set.Goal I'll make steady progress towards a healthy weight. I've started listening to my body when making decisions about the quality and quantity of what I consume and am paying attention to how what I consume makes me feel. I've reduced the amount of processed food I eat and increased and diversified fresh food. I've also started to make water my beverage of choice instead of diet soda. I think Mind.Set.Goal has set me up for long-term success.

-- Michael W., Mind.Set.Goal! Participant

Being part of Mind.Set.Goal! has taught me to be more positive and mindful of myself both emotionally and physically. Liz has great ideas and material that will help me sustain my goals. I am very happy with this program.

-- Dawn Stroh, Mind.Set.Goal! Participant

Mind.Set.Goal! has helped me feel empowered without being overwhelmed.

-- David Kemp, Mind.Set.Goal Participant

Liz's approach is just what I was looking for - no judgment, just support and tools to be healthy and well. She has a special quality that I haven't found in another healthcare professional - she makes the quest for health and wellness easy. I've struggled with most areas of my health over the years - I don't like to exercise, nutrition and eating well doesn't come easily to me, and my weight is always one of my biggest issues. It's really overwhelming to know where to start when you feel like you need to change everything about yourself in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Liz breaks things down into small, manageable pieces... resulting in simple, easy tools to help you live your best life that you will have with you forever. I would recommend Liz to anyone who struggles with their personal health and wellness. She's one in a million!

-- Sarah Hunt, Coaching Client

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